Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finding Purpose

The journey to find one’s purpose is very personal and different for everyone. It gives expression, depth, and meaning to life.
One thing that may help us find our purpose is to recognize that we are all similar while also very different and individual. Like snowflakes, under a microscope, each one of us has our own unique pattern.

Most people feel they are unique and have a special role to play — a purpose. It’s natural. Yet this feeling can be a double-edged sword. It can unfold hidden talents and we can become more creative. Or our uniqueness, the feeling of being special, can swell our ego and cause us to feel separate, competitive, and stressed. Perceiving oneself as being different can also lead to feeling imperfect and incomplete, not good enough as we are.
The ego’s remedy is to pursue the path of action. By acquiring or accomplishing things, “then I’ll be OK, I’ll be happy.” It’s similar to being in kindergarten looking for approval after making a finger painting. We would run to our mothers with such anticipation and say, “See what I made, Mommy!”

In the pursuit of fulfillment, many people become more frustrated, restless, and dissatisfied. And they believe that they will be fulfilled when they finally find their true purpose.
I think it’s the other way around. Purpose is what we do in the present, not a goal to strive for in the future.

I’ve found that I’m more creative and peaceful when I’m aware that there can be no other purpose than to do what I am doing. During these times I’m not looking for fulfillment or joy, I’m just being — relaxed, alert, and in the moment. When I’m engaged this way my intellect stops. I’m not searching for something more. In such moments, I can glimpse the unbounded consciousness that I am. I observe how this same consciousness has taken physical form to express its divinity through me, through the creative impulses that flow in and out of me.
We are the unique expression of the Divine consciousness. We are here on this planet to contribute to others in our own distinct way. It could be through writing computer code, saving the environment, or writing a spiritual memoir. Still, our outer purpose should not be confused with what is within. Our inner purpose is the same. To just be.